What is upCYCLING and how does it work?


●      You own a woom bike (with the original receipt) that you want to exchange for a woom bike in the next size up.
●      The woom bike that you want to upcycle is less than two years old and is still roadworthy.
●      You have a woom upCYCLING membership.

Step 1 – In our online shop

 Go to our online shop and choose a new woom bike.

Step 2 – At your house

●      The new woom bike is delivered. You now have 30 days for you and your child to test it out.
●      Then you give back the woom bike that is now too small for your child. Please use the provided return slip so you don't have to pay for shipping.
●      Don't forget to indicate your bank details and order number (SPX number) on the return slip.

Step 3 – In our workshop

●      We receive the woom bike that is now too small for your child and check to see if it is roadworthy.
●      What does 'roadworthy' mean? We trust your judgement. The bike should be in a condition in which you would let your own child ride it.
●      If everything is okay, we will transfer 40% of the original purchase price of the woom bike you have returned to your account.

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