What about the endurance test of the crank?

To determine the durability of individual components, one of the things Stiftung Warentest did was to conduct a continuous load test on the cranks of the test bikes. In this test, our crank did not perform as well as we would have liked. There was premature cracking of the crank at the pedal thread. This led Stiftung Warentest to rate the product as "unsatisfactory" in the Durability category and consequently to give the bike a poor overall rating.

Important: The durability test is intended to indicate a limitation of the service life, but it does not call into question the safety of our woom ORIGINAL 4.

Furthermore, the laboratory results contradict our own experience and that of our customers. The results also came as a surprise to us because the tests we conducted or commissioned at accredited institutes in Germany prior to the product launch had been successful. 

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