What is upCYCLING and how does it work?


You are ready to upcycle your current woom bike, for which you are in possession of a valid receipt, and for which you activated upCYCLING membership at the time of purchase. This woom bike is less than three years old (from the date of purchase) and still in a roadworthy condition.

Important: Your upCYCLING membership is bound to the original woom bike and lets you size up once during the membership period. You cannot transfer your upCYCLING membership to another bike. Membership must be activated at check-out or within 30 days from the date of the bike purchase, using the same email address used while purchasing the bike.

Step 1 – At home

To return a woom bike that has become too small for your child, simply send an email to our customer service team at woom@woom.com – they'll instruct you on how to return your bike and provide you with a free shipping label. That's right – you won't have to pay a thing. However, you will be responsible for packing the bike. Our top tip is to re-use the original cardboard box in which your woom bike arrived.

Step 2 – In the woom workshop

Your old woom bike lands on our doorstep and we'll check to see if it is roadworthy. By roadworthy, we mean that the bike should be in a condition in which you would still let your own child ride it.

When we're happy that everything is okay with your bike, our customer service team will reach out with a voucher code (totalling 30% of the original price you paid for the traded-in woom bike). You can put this voucher towards your new woom bike order in the woom online shop.

Step 3 – At home (again)

Have a look in the woom online shop to pick a new woom bike in a bigger size. Insert the voucher code during checkout to apply the discount. The value of the voucher will be automatically subtracted from the price of your new woom bike. 

At this point, you can activate a new upCYCLING membership / a new upCYCLING guarantee / a new UPCYCLING premium / a new upCYCLING bonus / a new upCYCLING deal that will be bound to your new woom bike. That means you'll be covered for another three years and able to quickly and easily trade in your bike for a bigger size and claim your 30% discount on the next one.

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