I activated upCYCLING membership but have now decided that I don't want to buy another woom bike. Can I cancel or transfer that membership?

upCYCLING membership expires 36 months after the date of purchase of the woom bike. You can suspend your upCYCLING membership in writing at any point. After buying online, you have 30 days to change your mind and have the membership fee refunded. Once that 30-day period has come to an end, you won't be able to receive a refund.

upCYCLING membership is bound to the woom bike that was originally purchased and cannot be transferred to another bike. This means you'll get a voucher code worth 30% of your original purchase price once your bike has successfully made it back to us.

That voucher code can be passed on but can only be redeemed in the same woom country shop you originally purchased the woom bike from.

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