What are the differences between the woom OFF and woom OFF AIR models from 2019 onward and the woom OFF and woom OFF AIR models from 2023 onward?

In 2023, we launched an updated version of our woom OFF and woom OFF AIR models. These next-generation models have a few technical differences to the previous models from 2019 onward. It's also worth noting that the woom OFF and woom OFF AIR models from 2023 onward come in two colors: black and the new terra coppa.

Here's an overview of the technical differences:

Our models from 2023 onward have revised ergonomics when it comes to contact points, like the improved saddle, handlebars and grips. These components are even more age-appropriate and able to boost comfort. There's also a new hard-wearing plastic chainstay protector to prevent the chain from chipping at the frame when the going is rough.

The newer models (2023 onward) also come with tubeless-ready rims and tires. What's more, size 5 (24″) and size 6 (26″) in both models can be retrofitted with a dropper seatpost.

And we've increased the size of the disk brake rotors on the woom OFF and woom OFF AIR in sizes 5 and 6 up to 160 mm, front and back. This provides an even better braking performance while requiring less force from the child on challenging terrain.

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