The woom 10-year warranty*

Inspiring children to love riding their bikes is our mission at woom. That's why we guarantee the premium quality of every bike down to the last detail with innovative technology and long-lasting materials. In fact, we're so confident in our quality promise that we're offering to extend our warranty on frames, rigid forks, handlebars, stems and cranks from the usual two years to a full ten years – for free.

We have full confidence in our bikes, which is why we offer a 10-year warranty on the aluminium frames, rigid forks, bars and stem once you've registered online.

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woom offers a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee on aluminium frames, rigid forks, handlebars and stem.

The initial activation of the 10-year warranty requires customers to register on the woom website within nine weeks from the date of purchase of a new woom bike upon submission of proof of purchase.

Provided that the bike has been registered properly, claims under the warranty must always be made via an authorised woom dealer (ideally the dealer that originally sold the bike) or through direct contact with woom if the bike was purchased from the woom online shop. To make a claim directly, use our contact form with the frame number, proof of purchase, proof of service (only required for used bikes) and photos or videos clearly showing the defect.

If a claim is made under the warranty, woom may choose to repair or replace any faulty parts at its own discretion. If a part cannot be replaced because the type, size or colour is no longer available, woom can provide a part regarded as a next-generation part to satisfy the claim made under the warranty. If a part or product is no longer being made at all or if no suitable spare part is available, woom reserves the right to exclude the warranty claim woom is under no obligation to provide original spare parts. No further claims can be made except for items expressly covered by this warranty. The warranty does not cover compensation for direct or indirect consequential damage. The buyer must cover any costs incurred for labour and/or postage and packaging costs.

The warranty is not extended or renewed when a claim is made under the warranty.

The warranty applies only to private end consumers. The warranty does not apply to end consumers using the products for their work, e.g. at a nursery or playgroup.

The guarantee applies internationally and can be transferred since it is tied to the product and not a person.

Legal warranty rights remain unaffected.

What is covered by the warranty?


Warranty duration

Material defects and production faults with the frame, rigid fork, handlebars, stem

Ten years from the date of purchase*

E-mountain bike battery (woom UP)

Two years from the date of purchase

KIDS' Helmet

Two years from the date of purchase

* Online registration

What is not covered by the warranty?

  • Damage caused by crashes or accidents
  • Suspension forks or suspension elements
  • Components susceptible to wear and tear like LEDs, dynamos, chains, tyres, rims, brake pads, grips, hubs, headset and bottom bracket bearings, and cranks
  • Damage to the paintwork
  • Damage caused by improper use, e.g. freestyling, stunts and any other overuse
  • Damage due to lack of care 
  • Improper repairs performed by third parties who are not authorised woom dealers
  • Bikes that have had their frame numbers changed, removed or made illegible
  • Changes made to the original bike design and the addition of parts that are not approved for use with the bike
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