Why aren't woom bikes available with training wheels?

We thought long and hard about whether to offer bikes with training wheels or not. As training wheels, or stabilisers, are counterintuitive when it comes to developing good balance and add extra weight to a child's bike, we have purposely decided against them. Training wheels give your child a false sense of security and confidence in their ability – as soon as the training wheels are removed, your child has to re-learn how to stay upright and keep their balance, whilst getting to grips with the basics of cycling again. Balance bikes are therefore a much better alternative to a bike with training wheels. By beginning with a balance bike, your child learns key skills such as keeping their balance and hand-operated braking. When the time comes for them to switch to a standard bike, they will only need to pick up pedalling, meaning that the process of learning to ride a bike is usually much quicker.
However, we appreciate that training wheels can serve a purpose at times. They can give children who may otherwise be reluctant to have a go on a bike the confidence they need.

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