How do I clean the chain on my woom bike if it has a Hebie chainguard on it?

Thanks to the Hebie chainguard, your chain theoretically does not need servicing. However, if it is necessary to clean or grease the chain, you can do the following: In order to service the chain, you have to take off the two plastic parts – one at the rear (on top of the sprocket) and one at the front (on top of the chainring).  You will need to slacken both axle bolts on the rear wheel first. This allows you to move the wheel forward a little and remove the tension from the chain – both plastic parts will then be easier to push inwards and remove. Be aware that these parts could break if you push them with too much force. Once you have removed the inner parts, you can access the chain and give it a gentle clean and oil.

In this video, our mechanic Tim gives a step-by-step guide to removing and reattaching the chainguard.

If there is sand or grit in the chain, the whole chainguard will need to be removed. This must be done in a bike shop by a trained bike mechanic as it requires special tools to remove the individual clips. We recommend contacting a woom retailer for assistance. You can locate your closest one here.

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