The size-adjustment dial on my woom helmet is broken. Can it be replaced?

We're sorry that your size-adjustment dial is broken.

The exchange of the size-adjustment dial you need is carried out directly by the dealer for legal reasons and especially due to safety aspects.

If your helmet is still under warranty and you have an invoice, you are entitled to the exchange of a size-adjustment dial. We kindly ask you to call a nearby woom dealer in advance if they still have a suitable spare part available. Here ( you can find our woom dealers near you.

If your helmet is a previous model (sold before May 2021), the spare parts are unfortunately sold out and will not be produced anymore. In individual cases, our dealers still have suitable size-adjustment dials for this older model. However, we ask you to contact your local dealer by phone beforehand and ask for this in advance.

If it is not a warranty case or there is no suitable size-adjustment dial available, please order a new helmet.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.

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