Where are your bikes produced?

At present, the assembly – final production – of woom bikes is carried out by partner companies in Poland, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan and Bangladesh. Since the start of 2021, a factory run by the German company SPRICK CYCLE GmbH based in Świebodzin, Poland, has been handling the final assembly of woom ORIGINAL bikes. In 2022, the facility in Świebodzin handled approximately 50% of woom bikes for the European market.

There are plans to further expand production capacity in Europe. Shifting production to Europe makes it easier to oversee conditions in the supply chain when it comes to production and reduces the risk of delays. What's more, this move to cut transport distances results in a reduction of our emissions.

Around 90% of the components on our bikes are exclusively engineered for woom. We source most of these components from select suppliers in Asia and Europe.

Our aluminium frames are produced in Asia because the majority of raw materials needed for this major part – such as carbon fibres and aluminium tubing – are already being manufactured in Asia. Many small parts, like cable guides, bearings and derailleur hangers, are also produced outside of Europe. As it stands, Europe does not have the capacity to provide specialist frame building on a large scale, whereas bicycle production in Taiwan is built upon many years of technical expertise. This means it's able to guarantee high-quality materials and the required mastery and skills in its manufacturing. We are not aware at this moment of any European brand that offers comparable value for money on their children's bikes, whose aluminium frames do not originate in Asia.

Our stated goal is to have production facilities as close to our markets as possible and to source an ever-growing number of components from within Europe. In concrete terms, that means we'd like to manufacture for Europe in Europe. Asian production will serve the USA and Asia. You can read more on this topic in this FAQ.

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