How much are the shipping costs?

EU countries

We ship our bikes within the EU for €10. The shipping cost for our accessories is €5 (or €10 for orders over €150).

For orders to Italy, shipping costs €20 for bikes, and €10 for accessories.
Costs for shipping to an island may vary.

Switzerland and Lichtenstein

For orders placed in Switzerland or Lichtenstein, shipping costs for bikes are CHF 10*. The shipping cost for our accessories is CHF 5* (or CHF 10* for orders over CHF 150).

You will not have to pay any export, import or customs duties.
We cover the delivery costs if you wish to return or exchange items and if any damage was caused during shipping.

* The actual shipping costs will depend on the EUR/CHF exchange rate on the day you place your order and so may vary slightly.

United Kingdom

Shipping fees to the UK are €20 for bicycles and €10 for accessories. In addition, customs duties and taxes apply, as these deliveries are export orders. Customs duties and taxes vary depending on the product and can unfortunately not exactly be determined by us. Once your order arrives at the UK customs office, however, Fedex (our delivery partner) will send you a detailed invoice and all of the payment information you need. You can find more informations about that online at

Partial or subsequent deliveries are not possible. Exchanges and refunds are only accepted in exceptional circumstances. 

Please contact our customer service team for more information.Is your country not listed?
Not a problem! Send us an email to and we will be happy to help you.

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