Why are you selling an E-bike for children?

We want as many children as possible to love to ride their bike – that is our mission. We thought long and hard about whether or not we should add an e-mountain bike to our range. We opted for an e-bike for a number of reasons...     


Not every child is born with a natural love of sport. And now parents have to contend with the likes of smartphones and game consoles too. What they need is a bike that can give the digital world a run for its money and get kids really excited about riding their mountain bike. On an electric bike, kids can cycle to new heights and enjoy whizzing all the way back down. What could be more fun than that?!

Home address

Many kids live in hilly or mountainous areas and have to cover some serious altitude on the most basic of journeys like going to school and visiting their friends. An electric bike can provide the perfect alternative to the taxi of mum and dad. And just think of all the extra exercise involved!


Not too steep, not too far and as varied as possible – kids have a lot of demands when it comes to bike rides, especially ones in hilly or mountainous areas. This is where an electric bike comes in, providing kids with different support modes so they can react flexibly to the route depending on their fitness level, their current mood, the wind and the altitude profile.

Family fun

More and more parents are setting off on their own electric bikes. And kids really don't have any hope of keeping up on a bike without a motor. An electric bike opens the door to lots of exciting family adventures, including long bike rides at the weekend, hilly trail expeditions and cycling holidays up in the mountains.

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