What drive system do you use in the woom UP?

With children's needs in mind, we have fitted the woom UP with the innovative, smooth and natural drive system produced by Munich-based Fazua. And so our woom UP belongs to a whole new generation of electric mountain bikes:

The unit combines a battery, motor and electronic parts in one sleek design and weighs in at just 3.3 kg. Most of the other bikes on the market come with an electric motor offering linear support. But our model is different, with the progressive support modes allowing the motor to adapt to the individual child's cycling style and react even when there isn't much pressure on the pedals. The drive system kicks in gently and boosts the power supplied by your child's legs nice and evenly – on climbs, into headwinds and when setting off. This prevents your child from feeling overtaxed and instead they experience a natural ride sensation, much the same as on a non-motorised mountain bike.

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