Is sustainability a concern for woom?

Sustainability is naturally a big concern of ours. As creators of children's bikes, sustainability is in our DNA. You can see our product as a tool for instilling a love of cycling in children and a way to promote an active, environmentally friendly form of mobility. But we also want to help shape a liveable world for future generations and provide our children with high-quality, long-lasting products that are manufactured fairly and correctly under humane conditions. Here's an overview of our most significant sustainability measures:

- We chart our CO2 emissions each year.
The extensive data we've been collecting has aligned with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol standards since 2020. Based on this calculation, we're able to develop specific CO2 reduction measures at woom. By 2030, the aim is to cut our emissions by at least 42% at all our locations.

- We are forging partnerships for a sustainable cycling industry.
Our ultimate goal is that the entire industry joins this sustainable revolution. We can only accomplish this by working together with other companies, which is why we have signed the Bike Charta and the Climate Commitment.

- We take responsibility for our whole supply chain.
Our Code of Conduct calls for fair and environmentally friendly production conditions. We require all our partners to commit to the principles of the code.

- We are bringing bike production back to Europe.
We want to ensure the shortest possible transport routes in the future. 50% of the final production stage for the European market is already carried out in a factory in Ĺšwiebodzin, Poland. We are also sourcing more and more components from European suppliers and working to increase production capacity in Europe.

Since October 2021, our dedicated Sustainability team has been devoting itself to the strategic implementation of environmental and social sustainability at woom and across our supply chain.

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