Is woom concerned with sustainability?

Of course. As creators of children's bikes, sustainability is in our DNA. On the one hand, our product is a vehicle for spreading a love of cycling and an active, environmentally friendly form of mobility. On the other hand, we want to leave our children a humane world and give them good, durable products that are manufactured under humane conditions. Our stated goal is to manufacture products for Europe in Europe and products for overseas in overseas factories.

In collaboration with corporate social responsibility (CSR) experts, we have also drafted a code of conduct for our supplier companies involved in bicycle production. This woom Code of Conduct is based in part on the ten sustainability principles of the UN Global Compact and the conventions of the International Labour Organization of the United Nations (ILO). Negotiations are currently underway aimed at convincing our suppliers to sign this code of conduct. Our clothing and accessories suppliers have already signed a similar code of conduct.

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