What should I do if I receive a defective woom product?

We apologise that the woom product you have received is defective in some way.

You can rest assured that we work with highly specialised companies when it comes to manufacturing our woom bikes, components, and accessories. We believe in never standing still. Merely maintaining a high level of quality and competence wouldn't suffice, so instead we strive for continual improvement.

However, we are aware that merchandise may unfortunately get damaged during packaging and shipping. We will handle your issue personally to ensure that your woom product is back in service as quickly as possible and to make sure that our quality standard, and yours, is met.

Please get in touch with our customer service team and describe the problem. For the sake of sustainability, we will endeavour to replace any defective parts with new ones and help you either to assemble them yourself or find you a suitable bike shop to offer support.

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