What is the quality assurance process for woom bikes?

Guaranteeing the premium quality of our bikes is our top priority. That's why every frame has to pass numerous stress tests during development before it is approved for production. 

Our employees and partner companies are central to the three-phase quality control process for our bikes between production and delivery: 

1. woom quality managers pay regular visits to our component manufacturers to check for any material defects or manufacturing issues so that faulty parts can be eliminated as early in the process as possible. 

2. Our bikes are subjected to a rigorous quality check at our partner factories after they have been assembled. woom quality managers audit our partners at regular intervals. 

3. Once the fully assembled bikes have arrived at our central warehouse, a quality manager performs final spot checks on them and the results are sent to our partner factories in a report. woom dealers also perform full quality checks before selling our bikes. We have this process in place to enable us to pick up on any quality issues early on. 

This way, we can be confident that we only ever deliver bikes that are in faultless condition and can stand up to the stresses of daily use to bring joy into the lives of children and their parents over many years.

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