What are the reasons behind the woom bike price increase on 1 January 2022?

With material and energy costs having jumped up massively all around the world, our suppliers are putting up their prices. We are having to pay more to the manufacturers who make the components for our bikes and the logistics companies we work with. We had been hoping that this would be a short-term response to the coronavirus pandemic, but unfortunately that is not the case. This leaves us with no choice but to put up our prices too.

2. Which bike models are affected by the price increase on 1 January 2022?

The price increase applies to all models except the woom OFF AIR, which will be priced the same until the 2022 model is released later in the year.

3. How much are the prices going up by?

The price increase is between 4 and 11% depending on the model, but the average is around 7%.

4. When are the prices going up?

The new prices apply from 1 January 2022.

5. Are equipment prices going up too?

It looks as though we won't have to raise the prices of our woom equipment this time.

6. Does the price increase only apply to models with new releases in 2022?

No, the price increase has nothing to do with new releases. The woom OFF AIR is the exception here, as its price will only be increased once the next generation has been released.

7. Why are you putting up your prices again after just a year?

This price increase is in response to the current situation on the market, as we have seen material and energy costs jump up massively.

8. Is it fair for you to increase your prices despite the ongoing delivery issues and longer wait times?

We produce safe, high-quality bikes with a perfectly ergonomic design with a view to getting as many young people as possible excited about cycling. We want to encourage children to love to ride their bike – that is our mission. We strive to produce the top children's bikes in the world, which means we cannot make any compromises. Only the very best quality is good enough for us. We set ourselves the highest of standards when it comes to our products and service. It's unfortunate that the entire industry has been affected by delivery issues that don't seem to be going away just yet. We hope that our flexibility, friendly staff and excellent customer service can make up for this.

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