What is the notification service and when will I receive a notification email?

Some of our bikes are not available to order at the moment. This is because they are out of stock and we don't have any further information on when more stock will be arriving as it stands.

But you do have the option of registering for our notification service by entering your email address directly on the product page. After you've registered your interest for a product in this way, you'll receive a confirmation email as a way of verifying that you entered your email address correctly.

As soon as the product is available to order again, we'll send you a notification email containing a link you can use to order the product and check the estimated delivery date. Please note that we operate a first come, first served policy based on when you joined the notification service so that customers who have been waiting the longest are the first to have the chance to order the woom bike they're interested in.

Once we have notified all of the interested customers on the list for this service, our woom bikes will be available for everyone to order on the usual product pages again.

We are doing everything in our power to make our woom bikes available in our shop again as soon as possible so we can keep the waiting times to a minimum for you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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