Is there anything I need to consider regarding the performance of the brakes before riding the woom NOW for the first time?

While hydraulic disc brakes offer exceptional braking power with nominal force and are easy to modulate, they require some time to reach their optimal performance levels. This is called 'bedding in' the brakes. Your new disc brakes and brake pads will need to be bedded in. Bedding them in ensures that the disc brake rotor and brake pads will work properly together. Find a safe, traffic-free location, ideally slightly downhill and follow these steps:

1. Accelerate the bike.

2. Alternate between the front and rear brake, using a decent amount of force until the bike comes to a stop.

3. After you have repeated the first two steps a few times, you'll notice an significant improvement in the braking performance.

4. You will know when the brakes are bedded in because there will be no further increase in braking performance.

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