What should I do if the lights on my woom NOW stop working?

If the front or rear light on your woom NOW stops working, follow these steps:

1. Check that the light is on. You'll find the on/off switch on the back of the front light.

2. Check that the hub dynamo plug is plugged in.

3. Check that the cables between the plug and the hub dynamo are properly connected in the hub dynamo plug.

To do this, open the grey plug in the wheel hub and pull the cables out of the two-prong plug. Twist the ends of the cables and feed them back through the holes in the plug. Bend the cables into the two grooves to make sure contact can be made once the plug has been plugged in.

4. Check that there is no damage to the cables between the plug and the hub dynamo and between the rear light and the cable duct on the mudguard.

5. You can also check that the cables running from the cable duct on the mudguard to the rear light are connected properly in the rear light plug. This step involves removing the wheel and rear light, however, so we would only recommend doing this if you have some experience of bike mechanics.

6. If the problem hasn't been resolved after following all these steps, you can replace the broken light with a new one (or ask a bike mechanic to do this for you).

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