Why was the woom ORIGINAL 4 evaluated as "unsatisfactory”?

In the area of Safety and Durability, Stiftung Warentest rated the woom ORIGINAL 4 as "unsatisfactory" because a crack was found in the crank at the pedal thread in the endurance test. Stiftung Warentest felt that this mark of "unsatisfactory" in the individual category continuous load test warranted a poor overall rating.

In the "harmful substances" category, woom received only a "satisfactory" mark because the  phthalate plasticiser DPHP, which is not regulated by law, was found in the saddle.

The woom ORIGINAL 4 performed excellently in crucial areas. For instance, woom scored the highest mark of all the bikes tested in Suitability for Children (very good/1.5), Handling (good/ 2.3) and Riding (good/2.0). The brakes also received a top rating.

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