Why do the tyres on our woom bike leave a visible mark on the ground?

Bicycle tyres are made of rubber compounds that are mixed with various additives depending on their intended use. Other than durability, there are other riding characteristics that can be optimised.

The selection of tyres on woom bikes is based upon performance, with a focus on reducing rolling resistance and improving grip. A by-product of this is the risk of leaving stains on certain surfaces due to additives used within such high-performance rubber compounds. Materials that are susceptible to this staining effect include other types of rubber or plastic as well as newly laminated wooden floors.

Many common rubber compounds are engineered specifically to avoid this. However, in order to achieve the best possible performance, staining can be an inevitable side effect.

Top tip: When leaving your bike for prolonged periods on surfaces that are vulnerable to stains, we recommend placing something underneath your tyres to protect the surface, such as your bike's cardboard packaging.

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