Why does the extended 10-year warranty cover only certain components and not all of them?

The frame, rigid fork, handlebars, stem and cranks are the most important components of a bicycle, which is why we guarantee them for a service life of ten years – far exceeding the legal requirements.All the other parts and components, such as the brakes, tyres and gear cables, are subject to natural wear and tear and are therefore not covered by the extended warranty. To maintain the proper function and safety of your woom bike, parts susceptible to wear and tear have to be replaced in a timely manner. You'll find a wide range of original spare parts in our spare parts shop.

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We actually recommend that you have your woom bike serviced and/or inspected by a professional workshop regularly to ensure that it works perfectly for many years to come. Find out here how to do a pre-ride check of your woom bike.

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