Do I have to take our woom bike in for servicing to get the extended warranty? If so, how often?

If you bought your bike used, you must have it inspected at a bicycle repair shop after the purchase and provide proof of this servicing in the form of an invoice so that we can legally transfer the extended warranty to you. Please retain the service receipt – you will need it in the event of damage. 

Regular maintenance and servicing of your woom bike is important for the safety of your child. Please have your woom bike inspected according to the maintenance schedule in the instructions for use. We recommend the following maintenance schedule:

After riding 200 kilometres and at least once a year:

  • Have the tyres and wheels checked for soundness and proper condition. 
  • Have the tightening torques checked for the handlebars, headset, cranks, pedals, saddle, seatpost and all mounting bolts. 

Every 1,000 kilometres, a professional should remove, inspect, clean, lubricate and, if necessary, replace the following components: hubs, pedals, headset, brakes, gearing, chain and drive components.

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