How does the automatic gearing on the woom ORIGINAL 3 AUTOMAGIC work?

The automatic gearing on the woom ORIGINAL 3 AUTOMAGIC consists of a special internally geared rear hub manufactured by Sturmey-Archer that is built into the rear wheel of the bike. The gearing functions without a trigger shifter or gear cables and is tucked away safely inside the hub.

The gearing has two speeds, shifting to second gear automatically when your child reaches a speed of around 11 km/h. This increases the pedalling resistance, allowing your child to go faster without spinning excessively. Your child will have less chance of losing the pedals when cycling fast on flat stretches or downhills.

As your child's pace slows to around 11 km/h – due to a climb, a strong headwind, or just wanting to go slower – the gearing will automatically return to first gear and less force will be required to pedal.

All of this is taken care of automatically, without your child having to worry about the complexities of changing gear.

From the outside, the only clue that the gears have changed is a quiet click. All the magic goes on inside the hub thanks to a centrifugal force mechanism.

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