Which spare parts fit the woom ORIGINAL 3 AUTOMAGIC?

The woom ORIGINAL 3 AUTOMAGIC has a special chainguard and a slightly longer chain.

You can buy the specific chainguard for the woom ORIGINAL 3 AUTOMAGIC from our spare parts shop. If you need to replace the chain, please get in touch with our customer service team.

All other spare parts for the woom ORIGINAL 3 are compatible with the woom ORIGINAL 3 AUTOMAGIC.

If you need to replace any parts due to wear and tear, you'll find a wide selection of original parts in our spare parts shop including grips, steering limiters, Schwalbe inner tubes and much more. Chip in the paint? We've also got touch-up paint in all colours.

When ordering accessories or spare parts, make sure you pick the correct size.

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