Why did the prices for woom bikes go up on 4 January 2023?

As a bike manufacturer, woom has been impacted by the sharp rises in raw material and energy costs we saw globally in 2022 – especially when it comes to transportation and logistics. And the raw materials and components we need to build our woom bikes have become much more expensive too.

We want to continue producing our premium children's bikes without being forced to make any compromises on quality and we need our business to remain commercially viable. Unfortunately, this means we had no choice but to pass on some of the cost increases to our customers.

We did this by increasing our bike prices on 4 January 2023. These price increases vary slightly depending on the model, which components are required and how complex a bike is to make.

We always do our best to maintain transparency, so we took all the necessary measures in 2022 to forewarn our customers as soon as possible and keep them updated.

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